Warren County Kentucky Wills, Estates, Deeds

The history of Warren County dates back to several Native American villages and burial mounds. General Elijah Covington was one of the first landowners. McFadden’s Station was established as early as 1785 on the northern bank of the Barren River at Cumberland Trae. by Andrew McFadden. Warren County was established in 1796 and was named after General Joseph Warren of Revolutionary War fame as having dispatched William Dawes and Paul Revere on the famous midnight ride. Warren also fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill.

The Hobson House in Bowling Green

The construction of the home of Colonel Atwood Gaines and Juliet Van Meter Hobson was begun in 1857, only to be interrupted by the Civil War. Hobson was a Union sympathizer and offered the home for use as a Confederate munitions depot rather than see it destroyed. It was not completed until 1872. It is located at 1100 West Main Street in Hobson Grove Park.

Warren County Kentucky Probate Records Available to Members

Miscellaneous Wills

  • Armor, Thomas
  • Briggs, Thompson
  • Earnest, Peterson
  • Fishback, James
  • Gillarton, Thomas
  • Robinson, Knox (LWT 1846)
  • Skaggs, James
  • Smith, Elizabeth
  • Thompson, Peter
  • Watts, William
  • West, William
  • Wingfield, Joseph and David

How Family Stories Shape the Future

Little children love to hear family stories. In fact, they have a deep need for them. The reason is to learn more about their own identity. It is satisfying to learn how grandma made a funny mistake, or how others handled difficult times. What family story does not begin with ” Times were harder when I was growing up,” etc? Did you play with toys? Or, did your great-grandmother spends her evening sewing dolls for Christmas? Then there is Uncle Joe who owned a T-model Ford. The further that we trace back in time, the more that we learn about ourselves. We resemble our families in temperament and appearance but how do we resemble them in their struggles and the wars which they fought for the future? Something to think about.