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The site where General Polk fortified a site along the Mississippi River against the Union forces during the War Between the States. For this reason, the site was called the Gibraltar of the West. Hickman County was founded in 1822 and named after Captain Paschal Hickman of the 1st Rifle Regiment, Kentucky Militia. While he was a resident of Franklin County, Kentucky he was wounded and captured at the Battle of Frenchtown in January of 1813 and killed by Indians in the Massacre of the River Raisin. The first county seat was Columbus, Kentucky where a courthouse was built in 1823. In 1830 the county seat was removed to Clinton, Kentucky.

The Battle of Blue Licks

The Battle of Blue Licks was one of the last Revolutionary War battles in Kentucky. The battle occurred on August 19, 1782, ten months after the famous surrender of Lord Cornwallis in Yorktown, which had effectively ended the war in the East. About fifty American and Canadian Loyalists along with three American Indians ambushed and routed 182 Kentucky militiamen on a hill next to the Licking River (then Kentucky County, now Robertson County Virginia). The rebels had reached a spot on the lower river near a spring and salt lick in the morning. They were spotted by some Indian Scouts watching from across the river. Behind the scouts was a hill around which the river looped. Todd called a council and asked Daniel Boone, the most experienced woodsman, what he thought. Boone said he had been growing increasingly suspicious because of the conspicuous trail left by the Indians; he suspected that the Indians were trying to lead them into an ambush. But a fierce Indian fighter by the name of Hugh McGary, urged an immediate attack. When no one listened, he mounted his horse and rode across the ford, calling out, ” Them that ain’t cowards, follow me.” The men and officers followed McGary into the trap while Boone remarked, ” We are all slaughtered men,”, and crossed the river. When the rebels reached the summit, the Indians opened fire at close range with devastating accuracy. After only five minutes, the center and right of the rebel line fell back. Only the force of Boone managed to push forward, while Todd and Trigg, easy targets on horseback, were shot dead. The rebels ran down the hill, fighting hand-to-hand. Boone ordered his men to retreat and grabbing a riderless horse ordered his 23-year-old son, Israel Boone, to mount it. Then, while he searched for a horse for himself, Israel suddenly fell to the ground. He was shot through the neck. Boone realized his son was dead, mounted the horse, and joined in the retreat.
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Miscellaneous Wills and Estates

Baker, Benjamin
Baker, Glover
Barner, Francis
Brown, Joseph
Bucklar, Cornelius
Crafton, Robert
Gamble, Joseph
Gregory, Jeremiah
Hargraves, Thomas
Irvine, Caleb
Masters, Abner
McGuffin, Joseph
Morris, Thomas
Ray, Joseph
Robinson, Smith
Shields, Samuel Virteyard, John