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Adair County was formed on December 11, 1801, from sections of Green County at which time Columbia was chosen as the county seat. The county was named for John Adair, commander of the Kentucky troops in the Battle of New Orleans and Governor of Kentucky. The Adair family traces to ca 1300 and is found on Georgia Pioneers John Adair had a cousin relationship to the Adairs who settled in Atlanta and were entrepreneurs of real estate.

Millions of People Found Homes in Kentucky

Soon after Kentucky was explored, it was discovered that its rich soil was well adapted for the production of the largest varieties of tobacco as well as the finest grades of cutting leaf. From the first crops planted, the Kentucky tobacco plantation held a superior reputation for maintaining a high quality of tobacco. As cut tobacco, the Kentucky leaf was esteemed to be popular in exportation to all parts of Europe. Historically, Kentucky planters have had a good stand of plants that grow rapidly.

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Miscellaneous Wills and Estates

Dyer, Richard
Ewing, James
Hall, Drury
Haskins, Robert
Hindman, Alexander
Reaville, Charles
Sample, Alexander