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Taylor Distillery

Taylor Distillery Old Taylor Bourbon whiskey is produced in Frankfort, Kentucky by the Sazerac Company and was named for Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, famous distiller. Actually, the premium brand Colonel E. H. Taylor is also produced. Colonel Taylor was born in Columbia, Kentucky in 1832 and made a career of distilling whiskey. Interesting enough, Colonel Taylor was the grand nephew of General Zachary Taylor of the Mexican-American War. Stamped on the flasks is the statement "General Taylor Never Surrenders".

Offutt-Cole Tavern

Offutt-Cole TavernThe Offut-Cole Tavern is located at the corner of Old Frankfort Pike and US-62 in Midway, Kentucky. The log portion of the structure dates to the 1780s and 1790s. Major John Lee, one of the early founders of Woodford County, resided in this tavern and developed it as such. He eventually leased the premises to John Kennedy and William Dailey and from there it became a stagecoach stop along the toll road from Lexington to Frankfort.


Book A, 1789-1815

Allison, Charles Allison, John      Bailey, Samuel     Beasley, George     Bell, Thomas     Case, Samuel     Cavender, Dozier     Cook, Jesse     Cox, Samuel     Curry, John     Davison, Robert     Driskell, Timothy     Egbert, Laurence     Edwards, Uriah      Elam, John      Fulton, William      Grant, Samuel      Grimsted, William      Haden, William      Harris, Harrison      Hastings, William     Hatton, Robert      Hatton, William      Haynes, Elijah      Helder, Hanna      Holeman, Henry      Jack, Francis      Jackson, William      Jamerson, James     January, Peter      Johnson, Joseph      Johnson, Thomas      Major, William      Martin, William      McBride, James McCharge, Robert      McCrackin, Cyrus      McNeal, Thomas      Morris, Andrew J.      Morris, Burkeley      Nash, John      Pemberton, Charles      Proctor, John      Rice, George      Richards, Philemon      Roberts, William      Sample, John      Samuel, Jesse      Searcy, Bartlett      Smith, Thomas      Sneed, Fielding      Sullinger, Thomas      Thompson, Anthony      Todd, Robert      Tucker, Robert      West, Edward      Wooldridge, Edward     

Book B, 1796 to 1807

Beavis, William     Beazley, Benjamin     Beazley, Benjamin (2)     Black, Joseph     Brumley, Daniel     Cavander, Daniel     Cavender, Dozier     Clay, Peter     Craig, Toliver     Cramer, Henry Jr.     Dale, Alse     Davison, Joseph     Davison, Robert     Dickerson, William     Driskell, Timothy     Dupuy, Bartholomew     Elliott, Robert     Field, Henry     Glenn, Tyre     Hamilton, Samuel     Harber, Amos     Harbison, David     Heter, James Sr.     Hoblet, Michael     Hollingsworth, John     Howard, John     Jack, Patrick     Jack, Samuel     Jake, John     Johnson, Joseph     Kirtley, William     Lee, John     Long, James     Long, John     McBridge, James     McClary, James     McDugle, Charles     Mitchel, Rosanna     Moore, John     Pryor, Luke     Ratliff, Thomas     Redding, Isaac     Reeves, Thomas     Ruddle, Stephen     Sample, John     Samuel, John     Scroggins, Robert     Sharper, Thomas     Shaw, William     Smith, Elijah     Stephenson, John     Stone, Sebastian     Strange, John Attaway     Strange, John     Sullinger, Thomas     Taylor, John     Thompson, Anthony     Thompson, Elizabeth     Thompson, Sarah     Trimble, James     Tull, Hardy     Williams, John     Wilson, Joseph         

Book C, 1806 to 1812

Adair, Samuel     Binns, Charles     Blackford, Isaiah     Bland, Donald     Blanton, Benjamin     Blanton, John     Blanton, Nancy     Bowdry, James     Bowdry, Samuel     Bridgeford, William     Burbridge, Benjamin     Carpenter, Francis     Cavender, Thomas     Clarke, Mildred     Combs, Asa     Cook, Horace     Cook, Jesse     Cooke, Charlotte     Cox, Samuel     Cox, Thomas     Cuddy, William     Daler, Catesby     Dickey, James     Elliston, Robert     Field, Henry     Francis, Andrew     Francisco, George     Gains, James     Gain, John     Garnett, James     Garnett, Thomas     Gatewood, Charles     Gay, Robert     Gerrald, Jane     Gerrel, Mary     Gill, Spencer     Glenn, Tyre     Green, James     Griffin, William     Guin, Peter     Gunby, Elizabeth     Hammond, James     Hammond, John     Harper, Jacob     Hicks, Henry     Howard, Thomas     Jarrel, Jinney     Jones, Charles     Kelly, Samuel     Kirtley, Elliott     Kirtley, William     Leach, Charles     Lee, John     Liggett, James     Lockridge, Robert     Marshall, John     McCracken, Cyrus     Meek, Charles     Minter, Jane     Minter, Joseph     Mitchell, Robert     Mitchell, Rosanna     Morton, John     Moss, John Sr.     Muter, George     Poor, Thomas     Rankin, Thomas     Read, John     Redd, Mordecai     Reed, Leonard     Richards, Philemon     Rodgers, Turner     Rowland, David     Rucker, John     Samuel, John     Scott, Francis     Scott, William     Sellers, John     Shaw Daniel     Smith, Elijah     Smith, Frederick     Smith, John     Stevenson, James     Stevenson, William     Stone, Sebastian     Strother, William     Sullenger, Thomas     Sullinger, Thomas      Sutow, Andrew     Tillory, Fortunatus     Violet, Thomas     Wake, John     Walker, John     Watkins, John     Webb, Aaron     Williams, John     Williams, William     Wooldridge, Isaac     Worsham, Robert     Young, John    

Book D, 1812 to 1815

Ancell, William     Atwood, Robert      Atwood, William      Ball, William     Beacham, Edward     Berry, Samuel     Beazley, Charles     Beazley, Edmund     Bell, Thomas     Blanton, James     Boone, Isaac     Bowdrey, Samuel     Bowers, Josiah     Bridgeford, William     Brown, Wilson      Burbridge, Benjamin     Campbell, George     Carrell, William     Cole, Richard     Cooper, Thomas     Crittendon, John     Dale, Fortuitus      Davis, John     Deadman, Nathan     Dearington, Michael      Egbert, Delaney     Edwards, Benjamin      Edwards, John     Edwards, Thomas     Furr, Stephen      Gains, William      Garnett, James Garnett, Thomas      Gatewood, Charles      Gill, Spencer      Green, John      Gregory, Abraham     Griffin, William Hiatt, Lewis      Hicks, William      Holeman, Isaac      Hudson, John      Hunter, Samuel      Jinkins, Ezekiel      Kenneday, William      Kidd, William      Lamkin, James      Lee, John      Marshall, Thomas      McCracken, Cyrus     McCracken, Virgil      McDowell, Joseph      McIlvane, William      McKee, Robert      Minter, Jane      Minter, Joseph and Jane Mitchel, Nathaniel Moore, Charles      Nall, William      Obannon, John      Payne, Mary      Peart, Francis      Peters, Nimrod      Pew, James      Poor, Thomas      Railey, Isham      Ratcliff, Thomas      Read, Hankerson      Redd, Spencer      Redd, Thomas      Redman, Joseph      Rennick, James      Rennick, Robert      Rice, Richard      Ross, Andrew      Samuel, Anthony      Shouse, Adam      Stansbury, Thomas      Stucker, George      Sublett, John      Sullinger, Thomas      Summers, Thomas      Todd, William      Trabue, Edward      Turnham, Thomas      Usleton, John      Wake, John      Wallace, Caleb      Walton, John      Wilhite, Elijah      Williams, William      Wilson, Archibald      Wooldridge, Elisha      Woolfolk, John      Worsham, Robert      Young, Richard     

Images of Woodford County Wills, Estates, Inventories, Guardianships, Marriages

Woodford County Marker

Woodford County was formed from part of Fayette County, Virginia in 1788. It was named for General William Woodford of the American Revolutionary War who died while a prisoner of war in 1780. Scott County was formed from part of the county in 1792 and Franklin County took another part in 1794.

Images of Wills, Estates, Inventories, Guardianships, Marriages available to members of Kentucky Pioneers

  • 1789 to 1799
Indexes to Wills, Estates, Inventories, Guardianships
  • Book A, 1789 to 1815
  • Book B, 1796 to 1807
  • Book C, 1806 to 1812
  • Book C, 1812 to 1815

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