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Shelby County, Kentucky Wills, Estates, Deeds

ShelbyvilleShelbyvilleShelbyvilleShelbyvilleShelby County was formedn 1792 and was named for Isaac Shelby, the first Governor of Kentucky. The county seat is Shelbyville.

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Indexes to Wills and EstatesWills and Estates Bk No. 1, 1792 to 1804Wills, Estates, Divisions, Inventories, Appraisements, Orphans, Guardianships, Bk 3, 1812 to 1817
Wills and Estates, Bk 2, 1804 to 1811

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The Trail into Kentucky

Wilderness RoadReligious persecution and the search for land motived Scotch-Irish and German immigrants to come to America. A popular trail was the port of Philadelphia and temporary settlement in Berks and Bucks counties. Then they followed the trail through the Shenandoah Valley, through Augusta and Frederick counties into the wilderness mountains (of West Virginia) to Kentucky, Sometimes they settled in Hampshire County Virginia (now West Virginia), Botetourt and Shenandoah Counties. The idea for the genealogist is to follow Wilderness Road.

A Horse Dies of a Broken Heart

An incident illustrating the affectionate nature of a horse is told by the Germantown Kentucky Enterprise."
"Eugene Moore's noted horse, Villain, died last week of loneliness. He was eleven years old, and from the time that he was a colt, was greatly attached to his mater. In winter's cold or summer's head, Villain was always ready to carry his master on his back or draw him in a buggy. Shortly after Christms, he was sent to Kincaid to spend the winter, and his owner failing to put in an appearance for several weeks, the horse pinned away, refusing to eat any good and finally died."
Source: The Jones Headlight, Gray, Georgia, May 12, 1888.

Map of Shelby County Kentucky

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