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You Need an Eye to Detail

A number of clues exist in public records which help the genealogist to locate lost relatives. One ancestor which I had researched for many years was discovered by reading Revolutionary War Pensions for that surname. It was Joseph Lane, resident of Missouri whose application stated that he had two sons who'd left home years ago, one who went west and the other to either Kentucky or Georgia. Although no given names were provided, my detailed notes provided two brothers in Georgia fitting that description. From there, I studied their estate records, viz, inventories, sales, annual returns and vouchers to see who was listed and where they resided. The names given in these types of records bear close relationships to the deceased. I found one lost ancestor by searching Jasper County annual returns (for everyone with that surname) and discovered that a trip to Kentucky was an item paid for and listed in the annual returns. This linked "the origin" of the family. Other great digs are deed records where heirs sell their inheritance and name other heirs in the deed. Every single record of that surname must be researched for little clues.

James Turner Morehead, Governor of Kentucky

James T. MoreheadJames Turner Morehead was born near Shepherdsville, Kentucky on May 24, 1797. He was studied at Transylvania University, Lexington, from 1813 to 1815. He studied law under John J. Crittenden and, in 1818, entered upon the practice at Bowling Green, Kentucky. Ten years later Morehead was in the Kentucky Legislature and returned for several sessions. In 1832 he was a delegate to the Baltimore convention which nominated Henry Clay for the presidency; and while in Baltimore he himself was nominated for Lieutenant-Governor of Kentucky, with John Breathitt, as Governor. They were elected in August, 1832, but the Governor died on February 21, 1834 and Morehead succeeded to his office on the following day. He served until September, 1836. Upon the expiration of his term, Governor Morehead resumed the practice of law at Frankfort. He was elected United States Senator from Kentucky in 1841, and served until 1847. Senator Morehead was an attractive public speaker, and when it was known in Washington that he was to make a speech the galleries were usually well filled. After the expiration of his term, he practiced law at Covington, Kentucky. Senator Morehead had the most extensive collection of books and manuscripts upon the history of Kentucky and the West of any man of his day and generation. After his death, which occurred at Covington, Kentucky, December 28, 1854, his library was purchased by the Young Men's Mercantile Library Association of Cincinnati. Source: Bibliography. History of Kentucky, by R. H. Collins (Covington, Kentucky, 1882); Appletons Cyclopaedia of American Biography (New York, 1888, v. iv); National Cyclopaedia of American Biography (New York, 1906, v. xiii).
When Large Families Boggle the Lineage

large familiesSome genealogies are simply too entangled to unravel. And if many people are descendants from the same group of ancestors and adding their two-cents, it may seem impossible to separate relationships. One issue of large families is when that the first-born children reach maturity they could easily be considered the parents of the last-born siblings! Especially if we have John Sr. and John Jr. And then John Jr. names a son John. Whose John Sr. and John Jr.? A careful separation of the generations is indicated. The popularity of using the same name for several generations is helpful, however, if that name is rather unusual. The last several hundred years, it was popular to incorporate the surname of the parents and grandparents into the first names of the children. This fact should not be overlooked, for sometimes that is the only reasoning available to solving the problem.

Bullick County

Bullitt County Wills, Estates, Deeds

Bullitt's LickBullitt County was founded in 1796 and the county seat is Shepherdsville. It was named after the nephew of Thomas Bullitt, Governor Alexander Scott Bullitt, who served as the first Lieutenant Governor. The land was taken from Jefferson and Nelson counties through an act approved on December 13, 1796 by the Kentucky General Assembly. In 1811, the northwestern area of the county expanded to include land given by Jefferson County and in 1824 an eastern area of the county was given to help form Spencer County.

Bullitt County Wills and Estates available to members of Kentucky Pioneers

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Wills, Estates, Inventories 1796 to 1823
  • Wills, Estates, Inventories 1823 to 1838
Images of Bullitt County wills, Estates, Inventories, Book A, 1796 to 1823

Testators:Allender, Thomas | Allison, Enoch | Allison, Richard | Anderson, Josiah |Ash, Jacob |Baird, David | Bane, Thomas | Baugh, Richard | Bayne, Henry | Beats, John | Beckwith, Daniel |Beckwith, John | Botches, Thomas | Brashea, Marsham |Brasheans, Mary | Bredwell, George | Brown, Benjamin | Brown, HughBrown, James | Brown, John | Buckner, Marsham |Buscoe, Samuel | Carpenter, Joel |Carpenter, Margaret |Carrell, Samuel | Carter, Mesheck |Cartmell, Nathan |Case, Samuel | Chalfont, AbnerCharles, James | Cofer, William | Collings, Isaac | Collings, SpencerCollins, Thomas | Cornell, Solomon |Cornell, William | Coyle, Patrick |Crenshaw, James | Cross, Jeremiah |Crow, Samuel Sr. |Culver, Benjamin | Cunningham, James | Davis, JonathanDavison, John B. |Deats, John | Dooly, George | Dragos, EphraimDragos, JaneDuvall, DennisDyson, Samuel | Emerson, HensonEvans, JosiahEverall, William | Fidler, FrancisField, Henry | Fuguay, Henry | Gamble, William | Gentry, Martin |Glenn, John | Graham, Samuel | Grafton, James | Griffin, James | Griffin, John | Gunterman, Henry | Gunterman, Peter | Hain, William | Hall, David | Hall, Elizabeth | Hall, Simon |Hall, William | Hardman, JonathanHarris, David | Harris, ZaddockHart, Henry | Hickston, John | Holbert, James | Hook, Daniel |Hough, Joseph | Hughs, C. |Irons, Jonathan |Irwin, Joseph | James, Jesse | James, Richard | Jenkins, William | Jennings, William | John, James | Jones, Henry | Jones, Jesse | Jordan, John | King, AlexanderKing, John | King, WeathersKitchen, John | Lashhook, William | Lemaster, John | McClelland, RobertMetgel, FrederickMiles, Jonathan Sr.Miles, NathanMorgan, Samuel | Musgrove, Henry | Myers, JacobNewboult, SarahNewkirk, Peter | Orme, EllieOverall, John | Payne, C.Payne, John | Peak, Thomas | Peyton, William | Purcell, Isaac | Quick, Samuel | Ramon, AndrewRalph, Thomas | Raymon, William | Reed, Joseph | Relf, Thomas (could be Ralph) |Richards, George | Rickets, Peter | Robards, Lewis | Roby, Lawson Rogers, Edward | Sanders, George | Shain, Charles |Shane, William | Shanklin, Richard | Shanks, Elizabeth | Shanks, James | Shanks, Mentor |Shepherd, Adam |Sherin, Francis |Simmons, Griffin |Simmons, Humphrey |Simmons, Jesse | Simmons, Lilburn |Simmons, Richard | Simmons, Robert |Simmons, Tabitha |Simmons, Thomas | Simmons, William Sr. |Slack, John | Smith, James | Smock, Mathias |Snowden, Jacob |Stallings, Samuel | Stebbins, Benjamin | Steele, Jonas |Stone, Edward | Stringer, Edmund |Stringer, Reuben |Summers, Noah |Troutman, Michael |Vaughn, Richard | Weaver, Richard | Welsh, James | Welsh, Samuel | Welsh, William | West, John | Whitley, William | Williams, James | Withers, Benjamin | Wood, Norborne |Yeiser, Jacob

Images of Bullitt County wills, Estates, Inventories, Book B, 1823 to 1838

Testators:Alexander, Abigail |Alexander, Frederick |Allen, Elizabeth | Allen, Martin |Allen, Thomas | Allison, Enoch | Allison, Isaac | Audd, Joseph | Beckwith, John | Beckwith, John W. |Beckwith, Sarah |Berkley, Hugh |Blandford, Mary Ellen |Blandford, Walter |Brashear, Benjamin | Brashear, Ignatius |Brashear, Marsham |Briscoe, Samuel | Brooks, Thomas | Burch, Eli |Burditt, William Sr. |Caldwell, James | Caldwell, John | Cameron, John | Carpenter, Joel |Cartwell, Henry C. M. |Chandler, William | Chappell, Jesse | Charles, Ezekiel |Clevance, Elizabeth | Collings, Isaac | Connell, James | Cornell, William | Crandell, Thomas | Crenshaw, BlufordCrenshaw, James | Crenshaw, Joel |Crow, Elizabeth | Crutchler, John | Deats, Catharine |Deats, Michael |Dodd, John | Dooly, John | Dragos, Jane |Dunn, John | Eden, John | Falker, Mary | Field, Henry | Fox, Philip |Froman, Susanna |Gentry, Martin |Glenn, John | Green, Joshua |Groce, Jacob |Halbert, James | Hamilton, George | Hamilton, Samuel | Hardman, Jonathan |Harris, Geddy |Hart, Mary J. |Hatfield, Jonah |Hedges, Wesley |Helton, Alexander |Hill, Augustus |Hodges, Joseph | Hornbeck, HiramHornbeck, Samuel | Hornbeck, Solomon Jr. |Hubbard, Oppa |Hugh, John | Irons, Agnes |Irwin, Henry | Irwin, Thomas | Johnson, Ephraim |Johnson, Felix |Jones, Jesse | Jones, John | Kennett, Joshua |Kennison, John | King, Henry | King, John | King, Polly |Lack, Joseph | Lee, John | Masden, Benjamin | Masden, James | McNutt, Thomas | Middleton, John | Middleton, Thomas | Moore, Elizabeth | Moore, Evans |Moore, George W. |Moore, Lewis | Moore, Moses Moore, Washington |Morder, Thomas | Morrow, William | Nelson, Donald |Nicholas, Joseph | Orme, Philip |Overall, Partheny |Overall, William | Owens, John | Polly, Joseph | Pope, Benjamin | Price, Isaac | Purcell, Isaac | Purcell, John | Ralph, Thomas | Reed, John | Robards, Lewis | Roberts, Granville |Roby,Lawrence |Roby, William | Rogers, Edward | Russell, Nicholas |Sanders, George | Sanders, Thomas | Sands, Isaac | Shain, Abel |Shain, Charles B. |Shain, Mary | Shanklin, Richard | Shawler, Jacob |Shawler, Mary | Shepherd, Adam |Simmons, Elisha |Simmons, Levi |Simmons, Nancy |Simmons, Rhoda |Simmons, Robert |Simmons, Tabitha |Simmons, William | Sirman, Joseph | Smith, Isaac | Smith, Peter W. |Stallings, John | Stallings, Samuel | Staples, Josiah |Steger, Lewis | Stringer, ReubenStringer, Richard | Summers, Thomas | Swearington, Obediah |Thomas, Francis |Thornberry, Samuel | Thurman, James | Travis, James | Troutman, MichaelWaters, William | Webb, Augustine |Welch, Samuel | Wells, James M. |Wells, Richard | Wells, Thomas | White, Brittain |Williams, John | Williams, Zealy |Wise, Richard | Wright, William | Younger, Benjamin