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Kentucky Genealogy and Images of Old Wills, Estates, Inventories, Annual Returns, Marriages

After the discovery of the Cumberland Gap along the long ridge of the Cumberland and Appalachian Mountains, thousands of immigrants found the tripoint of Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee. By the 1770s, a heavy stream of Europeans had settled in Kentucky. Images of original wills and estates are found in county records. When I discovered that a good portion of this vast collection went unindexed, I undertook the task. That means that you will be able to ascertain whether your ancestors left wills and/or detailed estate records consisting of annual returns, inventories, distributions, sales, appraisements, guardianships, and receipts. Since Kentucky included those persons who crossed the Wilderness Trail and other Indian trails, it is important that we also include genealogy databases for Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. And that is what we did! Members of Kentucky Pioneers have access to all of a collection that will help you find your ancestors. Those who have Kentucky ancestors should also aggressively search North Carolina and Virginia records. Researching county records is the key to finding the early emigrants to America!

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